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E-book download (also on dvd) plus
videos, Word files of checklists for easy editing, and additional resources PLUS the following bereavement books: Donít Take My Grief Away From Me; The Empty Chair - the journey of grief after suicide; Lean on Me Gently - Helping the Grieving Child; Building Memories - Planning a Meaningful Funeral; Building Memories - Planning a Meaningful Cremation Funeral; The Special Care series Ė retail value $39

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Over two years in development, and it's finally here!

John Cooley has put his voluminous knowledge of law enforcement funeral planning and bereavement issues into ebook form.

Based on insights he gained during his years of service as the Los Angeles Police Department Funeral Coordinator, which included managing over 80 funerals, this comprehensive manual discusses every aspect of planning and executing a meaningful, dignified memorial tribute to a fallen law enforcement officer or civilian employee.

From the "whos" and "hows" of making the heart-wrenching death notification, to planning a motorcade, or where to position flowers at the interment, you'll learn successful strategies for dealing with issues from the mundane to the unexpected that have arisen during his career.

With personal anecdotes, fill-in-the-blank checklists for key personnel, religious funeral customs, suggested reading materials to keep on hand to assist survivors in their grief-to-healing journey, and other useful tools, this is a must-have resource for agencies of any size.

The funeral coordinator must be as detail-oriented, diligent, and competent as any lead investigator. This book contains all the information needed to gain that competence, to develop a top-notch agency-specific or multi-agency/mutual-aid funeral protocol, and to train people in its implementation.

Even though we hope you never have to use it.

E-book only:

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